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What I learned from weeding! June 4, 2011

For the last 3 weeks i have lived in T and K’s house while they are in the States on furlough. They have a great garden that they love to take care of, and then share the goodies that grow there in due time.

I am no gardener. As my father use to call me and my brothers, we are asphalt kids. We grew up in the city, playing outside on the asphalt.  Going on the hillside for picnics was all the nature we got!

As I said, i have been living here for 3 weeks and looking at the back yard has given me reasons to worry. The veggies were growing and that made me happy but, along with them there grew 10 times more weeds. I have had 3 extremely busy weeks, exams, work, church… gardening was the last thing on my list. So, after three weeks of evening rains and sunny days, the garden looked like a jungle. I couldn’t see the tomatoes growing anymore. The parable of the different kinds of soils came to my mind every time i looked out there. ” the seed landed between the weeds and they chocked it”… I didn’t want that to happen to the poor tomatoes.

So this morning i woke up ( not to early, it’s my only sleep in day, and i haven’t had one in ages) and decided this is the day I weed the garden! I went out there and started weeding. And this is what i learned while i was meditating on it.

  • Weeds are like sins, if you are not careful they take over you life and garden.
  • There are not many weeds growing in between the flowers. I don’t know why that is, a gardener would know, but there are tons of weeds growing amongst the veggies.  And i was thinking, it’s like life, if you are concerned only with the pretty aspect of life, the things that please the eye and meet the eyes, well Satan has not much reason to grow weeds in there. You are ineffective as it is. But if you are working on things to feed your soul, and working on the things that would in the end bless you and others, well Satan has all the reason to throw in together with your seeds , his.
  • Another parable that came to mind while i was working in the garden, was the one where the enemy came and threw his seeds at night amongst the good crops. The solution was to let them grow together until you could distinguish them. Three weeks of not weeding made it very plane which were the weeds and which were the veggies. Sometimes its hard to distinguish between the things that are good for you and the things that are just wasting you time, but time does tell!
  • Weeds grow fast and spread quickly. And if you want to uproot them you have to do it when the land is soft and their roots don’t go deep.  The same with sin! the sooner you confront it the better! The longer it stays there the stronger it grows.  And one more thing here, ignoring it won’t make it go away!
  • Weeds don’t make good compost. I mean, weeds will breed weeds! Sin will breed sin! A life of disobedience will not lead to God glorifying actions!
  • It’s not enough just to uproot the weeds and collect them in a pile, you have to log them away to the trash bin! And let me tell you, weeds are heavy!  I was thinking about all the times i repent, but then carry the guilt around instead of putting it in the bin where it belongs!
  • Weeding is a messy business! you can’t do it if you don;t get your hands dirty! Uprooting sin is not always a clean business, some might not like it at all!
  • Weeding is a full workout! Every muscle of my body hurts! Uprooting sin takes effort and pain.
  • Weeding is satisfying! Looking from the upstairs window at the garden its great to see the progress! I am not finished. The corn is still swamped with weeds, but the tomatoes, broccoli, beans, peas and zucchinis are free! And i am sure that by the time i am finished with the corn, i will have to start all over again with the tomatoes!  The same with sin! You always have to work at it! You can’t weed one day and think that, that will be the end! You will have to be on the look out for it. It will come back again and again! but if you weed it, you be able to see the fruit of the Spirit growing there!

These are some of the lessons i learned from weeding!


2 Responses to “What I learned from weeding!”

  1. Krista Says:

    I liked your article, Anca. Yeah, the weeds are always speaking to us. Thanks for your hard work! Looks like God blessed you for the effort.

  2. tim hahne Says:

    Thanks Anca, Good to see that God is showing you many wonderful examples through weeding. We make it a practice to pick at least 100 weeds every day after lunch. Sin just like weeds spring up at an alarmingly rapid rate and need to be taken out by the roots.

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