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About April 1, 2009

my name is Anca, i am a christian, who lives and serves God in Rm Valcea, Romania. I am 30 and single. This blog is not a pathetic atempt to find a husband. I am ok with being single, not that don’t want to be married but i don’t believe in seeking for a husband. I believe that he should be looking for me. And if he is not, then it means that this is just the plot that God gave me in life. It’s His gift for me to use for His glory. My aim in life is not to be married or to have kids, though all who know me can tell u that i am adicted to kids! My aim in life is to love GOD and serve HIM in all circumstances! He is enough to satisfy all my needs and desires!

I will probably write a lot about being single and how to use it for God’s glory, because i know lots of young women that are not married and are struggling and there isn’t a whole lot out there to look to and get encouraged in this area. that being said, i am reading right now a great book that i highly recomend to all women, not just singles (it might help u understand ur single friends and their struggles and keep u from putting ur foot in ur mouth!) its called “Did I kiss marriage goodbye?” by Carolyn Mcculley. She offers lots of other resources that i didn;t get to yet!

Ok so enjoy!


5 Responses to “About”

  1. littleservant Says:

    Yeah, and if you ever give me back my book, maybe I can finish it too! (Just kidding, you can keep it till we get back from California!)

    • ancafanta Says:

      hehehe, i still have quite a bit to read!!! I do enjoy it and it confirms things that i have thought about my being single all this time. It’s a not a punishment! it’s a gift worthy of the Giver and it’s a shame to waste it!!!
      i will have to post more of it on the blog soon!
      thanks for the comment! ur the first one!!!

  2. Aurel Says:

    Dupa cum se zice in “The book of Origins (Star Trek), orice sac isi gaseste petecul!!!!

  3. dorin Says:

    Ok, just read your post and i want something from you: if you want, please tell me your opinion about 1 Corinthians 7:17,20,24…i think that he made a point here,it is better to not be married, because you can serve God first; but if are married you will take care about your family stay in your actual state (na, poate intelegi tu ce vreau sa spun, nu prea le am cu engleza..mai mult asa dupa ureche!)

    • ancafanta Says:

      my opinion on that passage is that you should not try to find contentment in marriage, or work or singleness or anything else but have it in Christ. Paul is saying whatever you are, whoever you are, whatever your civil state, be worshiping GOD and glorifying HIM. I don’t believe it is a matter of better or worse! I don’t think that you are lacking something if you are not married, or that you have something extra if you are married. Each position is great and has it’s benefits and blessings, it’s troubles and tribulations. The point is Glorify GOD and let Him fulfill HIS plan in your life!

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