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rant January 4, 2013

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can I just rant for a minute? i know, i usually don’t at least not where people listen, or read. I am low. low on life. low on energy, low on everything. I know all the right answers. I know what i am supposed to do. i am even doing it. i know, this too with pass. But until then what? what do you do in the black hole you didn’t, or maybe, just maybe, did dig out for yourself? i guess hope… hope that tomorrow will be better. Hope that the darkness will lift. hope that Someone will prick the curtain of darkness and let in some light. so i will sleep… and hope…


One Response to “rant”

  1. anca Says:

    What is your hope? Only this – his relentless grace, boundless love, patient forgiveness and unending faithfulness Paul Tripp

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