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The great exchange April 2, 2010

“We’ve got to understand that he took all of our sin upon himself and then bore in his own person all of the punishment the Father justly demanded. He took it all -the sin we committed in our youth, the sin we committed before our conversion, the sin we committed today, and the sin we’ll commit tomorrow. He didn’t just bear the punishment for the time when we were trying to be good but flubbed up a little. He bore God’s wrath for every time when we know we shouldn’t speak the way we were about to speak, but did it anyway/ He received the righteous sentence for every unkind, lustful, selfish, wrathful, covetous, apathetic, vain, proud, dishonest, perverse thought, word, and deed that has ever proceeded from our hearts. The Father poured out all his wrath on his Son. There is no more left for you or me. He won’t condemn you now because condemning the innocent is an abomination to him, and that’s what he says you are: innocent. He wont’s punish you for your sins because to do so would be unjust; someone’s already paid for those sins, and it would be unfair to punish you for them again.” Because He loves me by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

I love what she says here! You are innocent! I have never been innocent before Christ came and washed me clean! I was born in sin with a sinful nature! Not even as a baby, as cute as I was ( 🙂 ) i was not sinless! i was not innocent! Praise be to Jesus Christ who reconciled me to Himself and the Father and declared me righteous! Innocent! Adopted and Beloved!


2 Responses to “The great exchange”

  1. nathangammie Says:

    Awesome Gospel. I was just reading something similar from Spurgeon this morning: “You who are sorrowing over inbred sin and wickedness, remember, none of your sins can condemn you in Christ. You have learned to hate sin, but learn this also: Sin is not yours; it was laid at Christ’s head.”

    As the band Relient K says, “The beauty of grace is it makes life not fair!” Love that.

    • ancafanta Says:

      Awesome! I love the Gospel, it frees me from my fears of not raising to the standard, and also from my legalism, trying to do my best to impress God, whom cannot be impressed, He knows me to well :). In Christ I am both meeting the standard and beloved!

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