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The comfort of the atributes of God June 25, 2009

About 3 weeks ago, i was waiting at the airport with a friend. It was a long wait about 12 H (we didn’t spend them all at the airport, myself and the friend who’s wife we were waiting for). That gave both of us some time to do some reading. My friend has to do some reading on some thick theology book and i gave them a try too. This is what i wrote down from that time. This might be a long post, so I might split it in two, will see… and there will be no Romanian translation on it…

ETERNITY – is the confidence that God has never, not will ever cease to exist therefore His sustaining, providentioal control of all things and events is assured.
FREEDOM – God is not obligated to us in any way unless He chooses to initiate an obligation. He cannot be in our debt.
HOLINESS – the absolute, innate holiness of God means that siners have to be separated from Him, unless a way can be found to constitute them holy. And thata wya has been provided in the merits of Jesus.
IMMUTABILITY – it offers the comfort and assurance that God’s promises will not fail.
LOVE – God who is love allows Himself to love sinfull people. That is grace. In trials God shows His love towards His people.
OMNIPOTENCE – for the believers God’s power relates to the Gospel(Rom 1:16), to his security (1 Pet.1:15), to his hope of bodily resurrection (1Cor 6:14), and to daily living (Eph 1:19).
OMNIPRESENCE – the believers can practice God’s presence in every circumstance.
OMNISCIENCE – nothing will come out to light that will cause God to cast us out. God does not warn us only guessing what will happen, He knows! He always knows what ultimate good and glory will come out of event we cannot understand. Sobriety ought to characterize all when they realize that they must stand before an all-knowing God.
RIGHTEOUSNESS – there is no action He takes that violates any code of morality or justice.
SIMPLICITY – God as a Triune Being is not divisible or composed of parts or multiple substances. It enables us to worship Him in spirit not in material ways since he is Spirit.

The rest of it will come in part 2. I hope it encourages you as it does me!


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