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Complaning May 11, 2009

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Philipians 2:14 says: “Do all things without grumbling or questioning”.

Chris Silard said: “When we justify our complaining, we are crossing out the word all from this command. … When we grumble and question and complain, we have become God’s judge. We have told Him at least two things:

  1. You are not enough for me. I cannot be content with things the way they are. This difficulty is too great for me to respond to in a way that pleases You. You are deficient and ultimatly You do not satisfy me. I want a different God.
  2. You  are not wise. If I were You, God, I would do things differently. You should have consulted me before You allowed this difficulty in my life of before You chose to keep that good thing from me that I want and don’t have.”

I was very convicted by these words and the truth of them. Is there really any good reason not to trust HIM? Today I got into a very minor car accident, it shook me up as I am just learning how to drive, but it also made me think, instictivly “what was God doing when that big car was backing into me?” My driving instructor said wisely “He was there, nothing happens if our Father doesn’t send it.” And as I thought of that, i realized He was there helping me deal with it, not letting me make it worse, saving my life, and who knows what else he has in plan for the days to come as a result of my little adventure?! So right now i choose to trust God that He knows what He is doing and not complain about what happend. HE is GOD! not I.


One Response to “Complaning”

  1. krista hahne Says:

    “You are deficient and ultimately You do not satisfy me. I want a different God.” I know what he means. While on furlough I found myself at one point feeling disappointed that I had to spend it visiting doctors and feeling unwell. And then I remembered that those things were also appointed by His love. How prone to unbelief we are!!! But praise God for the greatness of His grace towards us.

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