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John 11:25/ Ioan 11:25 April 14, 2009

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whosoever believes in me, even if they die they will live”

“Eu sunt invierea si viata. Cine crede in mine, chiar daca ar muri va trai!”

So how should we live in the light of this truth? What is it that we consider the worse thing that could happen to us? Death right? I mean we can recover from most things in some way of another, we can go on even if we are debilitated and damaged, but we consider that we are done for when we die. Death is the end of life here as we know it. Yet Jesus tells Mary and Martha at the tomb of they brother that He is the resurrection and life. That even if, and as one of my professors used to say, death is the surest statistic 100% of 100 will die, if we die, if we believe in Him we will live. We will be with HIM for eternity in a place where life is truly life and death is no more. So how should that make us live? i won’t tell you, u can comment on it!

Deci cum ar trebui sa traim in lumina acestui fapt? Care este lucrul pe care il consideram ca ar fi cel mai rau din cate ni se pot intampla? Moartea, nu? Adica, ne revenim, mai mult sau mai putin din cele mai multe lucruri, chiar daca suntem lasati incapacitati si defecti, cu mari probleme si daune, dar consideram ca moartea ne este sfarsitul. Moartea este sfarsitul vietii asa cum o stim noi. Totusi Isus le spune Mariei si Martei la mormantul fratelui lor ca El este invierea si viata. Ca chiar daca, si asa cum spunea un profesor de al meu, moartea este cea mai sigura statistica, 100% dintr-o 100 mor, murim vom trai. Vom fi cu El in vesnicie intr-un loc in care viata este chiar viata si unde moartea nu mai este! Deci cum ar trebui sa ne faca lucrul acesta sa traim? Nu va spun eu, va las sa comentati voi!


2 Responses to “John 11:25/ Ioan 11:25”

  1. ancafanta Says:

    Well the verse started me thinking about the fact that i need to live life here to the hilt and then not worry about death because life awaits me on the other side in such an awesome and incredible way!

    It made me think of Paul in the jail in Rome writing: “For to me to live is CHRIST and to die is gain!”
    With such promises i can only rejoice! He is my resurrection and my life, i can rest assure!

  2. littleservant Says:

    For me it means that the desperation is drained out of my life. I don’t have to desperately cling to small earthly pleasures and comforts, even legitmate God-given ones, thinking that this is all there is. Knowing that eternal reward and eternal life awaits me in knowing and enjoying Christ forever the small stuff here doesn’t seem so important. “For here we have no lasting city but are seeking the city to come.” (Hebrews 13:14)means I can go outside the camp and share Christ’s reproach.
    It also means that in my daily life I can experience resurrection life and power through knowing and depending on Jesus in faith. Praise God for my Risen Savior who gives and promises LIFE both now and forever!

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