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Top 10 things never to say to a single woman April 5, 2009

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  1. you’re next
  2. why aren’t u  married?
  3. maybe u should loose some weight!
  4. what about…. He’s a nice guy!
  5. you’re next!
  6. maybe you are called to singleness
  7. marriage is not all it’s said to be (that one it’s mine)
  8. did u ever consider being a missionary?
  9. just don’t think about marriage and it will happen!
  10. you’re next!!!

(Carolyn McCulley, “Did I kiss mariage goodbye?” paraphrased from)

“Your greatest need is not a spouse. Your greatest need is to be delivered from the wrath of God –  and that has already been accomplished for you through the death and resurrection of Christ. So why doubt that God will provide the much, much lesser need? Trust His sovereignity, trust His wisdom, trust His love”.

C.J Mahaney


One Response to “Top 10 things never to say to a single woman”

  1. ancafanta Says:

    i really liked that one! it’s hard for women to think that we were not created mainly to be wives and mothers, but to be reflectors of God’s glory in whatever circumstance we find ourselves as part of His sovereign choice for us. We just have to trust His wisdom and love for us!

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