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Psalm 1 April 3, 2009

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After reading Genesis and Exodus, i decided to skip all the way to psalms and read them for a while to be encouraged and better prepared for the changes that are going to take place around here in the next couple of months.

So i started with Ps. 1.  I have read this psalm hundreds of times, i know it by heart both in English and Romanian! But yesterday it struck me that i need to study it more closely. So here is what i found:

In opposition with the man who goes, stops and joins with the wicked, the righteous man finds his delight in something else. As tempting as this world is with all its gadgets and stuff, it’s social and material enticements, this man loves to spend time in God’s word. In fact it is said that he thinks about it day and night! David in Ps. 119 also says that he likes to be guided in the paths of God’s commandments, that he loves His ordinances,  that he delights in His precepts, and also that if God’s law was not there for him, he would have died in his wretchedness! Spending time in God’s word is not some hard chore that he has to do so that his conscience is quieted, it’s his delight. The results are that he then becomes like a tree that is planted by the waters, who gives fruit in time and who’s leaves do not fade away. In Jer. 17:8 these words are added that he sends his roots towards the river and when the heat strikes and the trials come he is not worried! He is not less productive!  In Ezekiel 47:12, it’s said that this river flows from God’s holy place! That the fruit of this tree is varied and that they will never lack fruit! It’s said that the fruit are to be food and the leaves are to be used for healing! So i conclude, if I send my roots, spend my time, in fellowship with God and His word, i will be like this tree! I will send forth fruit! I will not be afraid of the draught! I will not loose hope and faint in adversity! I will also have the priviledge of feeding others with His word, of healing others with His words!

Isaiah 3:10 says: “Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.”

May I be one of the blessed ones that it’s talked about in these verses! May i delight in Him. May I be like a tree that is firmly planted by the waters and that brings fruit in time!


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